Who am I?

I’m the one who loves Emotions, Happiness and Joy and thinks that the life is beautiful!

I love to live it and enjoy every single moment. If you ask me how I do it. Well... I dance Salsa and Bachata... I scuba dive...  I experiment new things... 

My Story

I loved to take photos since childhood, and I still keep those photos with me till now. I go through them and remember all the good times I had back then.
When I got married, my honeymoon was at Maldives. 
I was not quite satisfied with the photographer there. I had my friend’s Sony Cyber-shot camera with me. I decided to do my own photoshoot. All was done in Auto mode, on tripod with 10 seconds timer and a lot of running 🙂
At the end we had so many awesome shots which family and friends thought are done by professional photographer. So I told myself, why not?!! I can work what I love.

Time passed and I became one of Nikon School Graduates Stars in Dubai. 

What is Photography?

People call it “photography”, I call it Memory - a moment that will never come back. Photography is the only way to freeze time at specific moment forever, whenever you look back at them, you'll remember those moment and recall the feelings you had, such an awesome gift.

BIG Mistake!!!!

Many people say: "Camera doesn't love me" or "I don't look good in photos".

I'd love to say to them: “No, you look gorgeous! 

When you look at your own photos, you know what you don’t like about yourself, but it’s only you who see can them. For others,  they will look at you photos and say wooooow.

Let me prove you wrong and show you how amazing you are.

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